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Monday, November 17, 2014

Rustic Pearl Surry Hills Lobster eggs benedict spinach and cheese gozleme

Sydney’s best cafes are an absolute luxury to visit on a weekday. Rustic pearl has made its way into my top 5, and is a real treat on a mod week day off or an early finish. Long time hesitations ensued after Saturdays of queue watching on Crown St but I was finally swayed by the Lobster eggs bennie. Cheaper than your average fish market feed, the eggs bennie comes out in a mammoth stack of 3 lobster tails, eggs, avo, chilli, fresh herbs and an extra rich hollandaise. The eggs are bang of perfect, just set whites and flowy yolks. The gozleme is up next, I usually steer clear of these at market stands as they’re swimming in oil but Rustic Pearl nails their dough. Crispy with a nice char, the gooey innards are made from baby spinach so the whole dish tastes sweet and fresh. I try and avoid all eye contact and mop up the rest of my hollandaise with bits of gozleme. I’m pleasantly surprised to see Turkish coffee on the menu, my parents have been boiling the stuff all my life so I skip my regular creamy based drinks and go straight for the shot which comes with a small piece of Turkish delight as a chaser. The space itself is small, seating about 10-15 people, the food service takes a while (and rightly so, the food always tastes fresh) which with large serving sizes which inevitably means people take their time. Always smiley and accommodating staff. Kitschy eastern European interiors. Coffee by Mecca.

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Rustic Pearl | 415 Crown st, Surry Hills
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