An Autumn in Kyoto

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Craving one last hit of cooler climates before another scorching summer in Sydney, we opted for another take at Autumn in Japan. A perfect mix of old world cultural monuments and metropolitan cities that never sleep. Tradition permeates everything in Japan, from Tea Ceremonies to Wabi-Sabi inspired maintenance hubs in fashion boutiques. Behind every rush hour, every busy intersection in Tokyo, is a routine, a simple logical explanation that stabilised the chaos for every traveller willing to look.

Josh wears United Arrows Bomber Jacket, Comme des Garcon Tee and Acne Jeans. Anya wears United Arrows Coat.

Coming up for air

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A few of my favourite images from the beautifully shot August collection by Sokarno. Mixing classic, yet distinctively youthful pieces with beautiful craftsmanship, signature staple pieces are subtly detailed with considered touches like splice panelling on the classic white tee and silk lining on traditionally sports inspired bomber. The unmistakably nonchalant lookbook was shot in Sydney's iconic Centennial Parklands, perfect home to Karim's Sydney designed and made pieces.
Photography, Jack Bennett / Styling, Audrey Aguilar / Model, Marko Bozic / Creative Direction, Karim Sokarno /

sunday somewhere

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday mornings unplanned turn into sunday afternoons spent researching next weekend's meal plans by candlelight. Retiring your cashmere jumpers from their heavy duty weekday warmth, on Sundays they're worn purely for their tactile nature. All in a cosy nook lined with clean sheets, just shy of the newly starting week - this is how weekend rituals are born.

Diamond in the rough

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Hauntingly beautiful photos from the Namibian ghost town, Kolmanskop. The combination of dessert wind and sand creates staggeringly beautiful dunes inside the abandoned homes of the diamond mining town. It's whimsical pastel walls and abstract sand formations make for my perfect photoshoot set.

photos via dazed digital

28 by Gary G x Anya Stoliar

At home with Ileana

Monday, January 19, 2015

From the first shoot Ileana and I worked on we discovered that we shared a lot aesthetically, and that was that. Missing brief, failing computer equipment and lack of early morning coffee aside, somehow we always ended up working on the same brainwave to finish off whatever project we were tackling at the time. So getting to capture my colleague turned creative partner in crime afterhours was like another fantastic opportunity to get a little deeper into what made us work so well as a duo.

Her monochromatic signature style is as present in her day to day life as it is in her work. The deconstructed wardrobe space blends fashion and d├ęcor seamlessly. Chic separates are combined with detailed leather pieces and hand picked jewellery. Her home, which doubles as studio and office for various projects; is reminiscent of Japanese minimalist interiors with its whitewashed walls. Bathed in natural light, the space feels spacious and zen.

A day in paradise

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oman Alila Jabel Akhdar and Marrakech Ksar Char-Bagh resort

Forever bitten by the wanderlust bug or just ready for your next holiday even though you only got back to work a mere week ago, planning your next holiday sets you right back on the working track. Stat! Not to mention something to look forward to during long hours and something to do as summer winds down in Sydney. I'm one for chasing that sunshine around the world, warm weather lands itself number one on the destination necessities list, pretty much all the time. Lazy afternoons in a hot and humid climate has a much better ring to it when taken overseas.

After exploring enough of Central Europe last year, I have my sights set on more of Africa and the Middle east. Oman's Alila Jabel Akhdar and Marrakech's Ksar Char-Bagh have made it to travel bucket list of dream resorts and my partner and I are ready to tick off Istanbul. There's something addictive about holidaying in places with such vast cultural and geographical differences that the whole experience feels otherworldly from the moment you step off the plane.

image credits: here, here and here