All leather everything (all year round!)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

All leather everything

The second best thing to wearing nothing, really is wearing leather. Behind a grocery list amount of reasons why everyone should own their favourite piece in leather, is that undeniable fact that anything leather will be the polish on your outfit that ties it all together. That inexplicable ability to complete any look comes down to contrast, the most underrated stylistic trick. It's value lies not only in the fact that no other material in your wardrobe looks like it, but also as a double whammy; the ones that don't, play a perfect contrasting piece to leather's buttery soft yet protectively fluid texture. Mix with crisp cottons and linens in summer, wool and cashmere blends in winter and silk for nights out. The best leather pieces are the classics you’d expect in wool or cotton reworked in leather. The leather tee has hit all the right spots in my hunt for luxe, updated summer basics. Playing a big part in transitioning my wardrobe into a more sleek and modern one, a leather jacket is perfect for taking the girly edge off my favourite silk tops and dresses when I need to feel more pulled together.

Now while a head to toe leather ensemble is not for anyone that’s wading water with the insouciant material, I have before and the pieces above were my outfit of choice.

Caring for leather pieces is fairly easy. Think of it as your own skin, a great leather conditioner every few months works wonders as well as keeping it away from direct heat or sunlight. Leathers age beautifully over time so embrace the creasing and patina as it add character to your garment. For more tips read my leather care guide for David Lawrence.

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