iCaved: Upgrading to a marble Macbook Pro

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Making the switch from pc to Mac is no mean feat after more than 10 years of hailing praises to Windows. However design fanatic friends and new job prospects alike have confirmed me that the whole process of retraining your brain to go from alt to command key is well worth the creative ease. Moving and backing up the last few years of work however feels like moving house, too many things to dust and readjust that your brain simply wants to take a nap thinking about the sheer volume of things to do. I may have be swayed by this marble skin, clean start and lots of white space await!

Marble Mac skin via Etsy

Notes on re-skinning: Skin runs slightly smaller than laptop, so go slowly and start from the top, front end for the neatest result. Anyone with OCD tendencies like myself, who just cant handle their Mac skin bubbling or shifting, prep yourself with a solid alcoholic drink of choice for a steady hand. Pop any minor bubble with sewing pin and smooth over excess skin.

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