The fine lines of jewelry

Monday, December 15, 2014

An extension of the body like no other piece of fashion, fine jewelry lands itself somewhere in the art realm of things. Somewhat influenced by mother who’s never worn a piece of costume jewelry in her life and really fascinated by the romance of pieces you never take off your body; I made a conscious effort to collect the practical stuff. Sculptural, symbolic, sentimental. A mix of family heirlooms and custom made designs, pieces are accents rather that accessories. Not pictured is the only piece I take off, a Gucci men’s watch, mostly to protect its mechanics. It lands straight in a valet tray when I get home, yet I feel pretty naked without its weight on my wrist. Putting it on when I wake up has become the first step in my morning routine.

mood board with line studs, divided cross necklace, cartier trinity ring

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